Pronounced BAH-CHEW-CHEE, it was a nickname my sister called her first-ever niece, Miss C-Jaz. According to urbandictionary.dom, this term is used to express "an absolutely wonderful bum". And that she is, myBachoochie, my little bum cheeks.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Letter Is 'B' & Old vs New Daddy

It's getting harder and harder to find times to write.  If Miss C-Jaz has her nap as usual, by the time I'm half way through house stuff, she's up, which is what happened yesterday.  We had another day like home-school preschool: playing 'tea set', molding play dough, reading, writing, and drawing.  'Today's Letter Is' big 'B' and baby 'b', and it was definitely a lot more easy to come up with words starting with the letter 'b'.  If you use your imagination you can see the big 'B' Miss C-Jaz tries to form with her body.

She was a little more whiny yesterday evening having had a shorter nap, but she was really good when I was making Greek lasagna, which I'm going to admit tasted amazing.  Saturday we had great South African cabernet sauvignon with my sad creation of Thai Green Curry, unlike the one I made a while ago - I had the wrong main ingredient.  So, Sunday I needed to redeem myself.  At the last moment I decided to try a recipe, which I ended up altering as always, and I knew once I tasted it that "my chil-li would bring all the boys to the yard"!!!  I really enjoy cooking now, and it's even better when Miss C-Jaz is happy and helpful in the kitchen. 

On the weekend Miss C-Jaz had a couple of time outs, which J and I hate doing especially if she's crying, but she gets her warning and when she doesn't listen or comply I sit her on the last bottom step of the stairs.  We keep her in our peripheral vision, and she's actually really good at sitting on the last step.  If she's still upset she might call for me to pick her up or she might stand on the last couple steps holding the railing, but immediately I sit her down either silently or with a quick reminder of why she's having a time out and what she must do to make amends.  The most recent was her act of spitting towards J.  She's been interested lately with spitting in general.  I've told her she should only spit in the sink or in the shower, and she doesn't quite understand that it's rude to spit at people.  So, when she spit towards J we gave her a warning and why, but she did it again.  That meant time out.  It lasted for a couple of minutes, but it felt like much much longer.  J and I were nearby in the kitchen area, and Miss C-Jaz was crying and calling out; it was heartbreaking.  In a whisper J said, "One of us is going to give in."  We hung in there, and soon after Miss C-Jaz was ready to apologize.  She understood the act of spitting towards people was not a good thing.  Lesson learned.

Whatever Miss C-Jaz does, she's the cutest, yummiest thing.  When we started our day yesterday, she woke up and saw me in J's side of the bed and asked in whimper, "Where's my old Daddy?"  I thought to myself 'old Daddy'?

"He's at work, Babe."  Then, it sounded like she was going to cry.

"But, I want my old Daddy!  I need him.  Where's my old Daddy?"

Repeating myself  I told her, "He's at work."

Then she asked an odd question, "Where's my new Daddy?"

"You're new Daddy?  You only have one Daddy."

"Where's my new Mommy?"

"Well, you only have one!  And, you only have one Daddy."

"Oh!"  So, Miss C-Jaz left it alone for a bit, but I couldn't figure out what she meant until the end of the day, and she asked me again, "Where's my old Daddy?"  Then, it hit me.  Over the weekend, Miss C-Jaz and I were helping J up the stairs, and he was kinda injured from all his working out so he hung his arms over our shoulders.  We were saying to Miss C-Jaz, "We need to help Daddy up the stairs...," then I added, "...because he's 'OLD'."  But, I was just kidding.  So, when Miss C-Jaz heard old, the opposite for her is new, as opposed to young I guess.  Whatever she meant at least now I know where it came from, I think.

I can't believe I'm able to write at this moment, but my time is almost up...Miss C-Jaz was up early today for our last Swedish class...YAY!!!...and she's been having a good 'stroller nap'.  I even took her from Stureplan to Segels Torg for Rum for Barn and a special show, which was supposed to be ideal for younger kids, but she would not wake up.  It's been almost 3 hours since then, but I did find a possible lead for an English-speaking pre-school.  I saw a small handful of kids, and 2 adults (male and female) asking the little kids if they had to pee first before leaving.  I couldn't pass on the chance of asking the adults what school they were from.  I received some valuable information IF we were to stay on here longer than planned.

I think I've been quiet long enough in my attempts NOT to make one shred of noise that would wake up my 'NEW' napper.  Well, time to do some house stuff, and before we know it, 'OLD' Daddy will be home.