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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spoiled in Stockholm

I could spend my days raising our daughter
with time to choose how to enjoy our days
and time to be
a wife
a mom
a chef
a cleaner
a writer
a student
a thinker
in the way I wanted
working hard yet with no stress of having to work
living in a European city
where children were held in the highest regard.

We lived minimally having so much
of the best selections of food and clothing and unique toys
in a home still under construction
that smartly met our needs.

We walked clean streets surrounded by water
exploring cobblestone roads amongst old buildings and hidden spaces
alongside people who took pride in healthy bodies and subtly bold fashions
including countless moms and dads pushing high end black strollers.

We perused gallerias with stores on end of stylish clothing
choosing from an array of 'saluhalls' and healthy foods
made of fine ingredients
making McDonalds seem fresh and clean.

We experienced the coldest of the longest winters
that made one of the best Christmas seasons and celebrations
and in the long warm summery days we longed to feel the heat and service-style of Vegas.

We felt lost many tumes in such a foreign city that was differently similar to home
though it allowed us to define our own family,
to articulate our support system of parents (godparents) and siblings (aunts and uncles),
to appreciate our friends
and surprisingly experience so many of them as they tried to bring us a piece of home.

Each time we showed off the city like a native we experienced it like a tourist.
We walked the streets of Paris and EuroDisneyland
explored Shiphol and Arlanda.

We accepted a journey and welcomed uncertain adventures.

We took the leap of faith
finding God in a whole new way
believing in His better plan for us
that with the Spoils of Stockholm
there is comfort in a current moment of uncertainty
trusting that what I don't know will soon be revealed
accepting that my path is necessary
and to complete it willingly will be fruitful.

Love and faithfulness has never left us
(since those words were uttered by a friendly stranger in our all-inclusive Mexico honeymoon)
through trying times before Stockholm showed its purpose.

Sweden is forever in our hearts while the bain of an existence.

Forever I am grateful for the 'Spoils'...
privileges from a hard working man dreamed to life.
We tasted a life that inspires an ultimate goal
fueling a path
and we can 'will' a dream to reality.

We learned hard and grew strong.
The life lessons worthwhile
the experience surreal.

In the end,
Home is truly Sweet Home
and change is good.

We accept this new journey
and welcome its uncertain adventures.