Pronounced BAH-CHEW-CHEE, it was a nickname my sister called her first-ever niece, Miss C-Jaz. According to urbandictionary.dom, this term is used to express "an absolutely wonderful bum". And that she is, myBachoochie, my little bum cheeks.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miss C-Jaz Using Public Washrooms Make Me Cringe

I hate public washrooms!  The smell, the dirt, the grime.  Mostly the smell and all the toilets.  I hate how careless and gross people can be, or maybe they're like that at home.  I have heard that mens' washrooms are just as gross in different ways.

Ever since I can remember, I have always 'held it in' until getting home to avoid any and all public washrooms.   Me avoiding washrooms is one thing, but ever since Miss C-Jaz came into our lives, the thought of her tiny little homunculus-self having to use public washrooms made my skin crawl.  Here comes the 'not-gona-lie' moment.  I have partly prolonged potty training because I did not want to sit Miss C-Jaz on any public toilet seat.  So, this is a big reason why I may not have made the biggest effort to outline specific potty training strategies.  It's not like I didn't try to set Miss C-Jaz up for success.

J and I made sure Miss C-Jaz had the same potty system in her three main homes: our own and both grandparents'.  We were ready with sticker rewards, praise, and picture-taking.  We had the right elements, just not an effective plan or system.  Too many inconsistencies.  I realized this today, after Miss C-Jaz and I watched 'Huggies Pull-Ups Big Kid Central Potty Training Success DVD' - a free video J and I ordered a while ago when were back home.

The video gave me perspective, as cheesy as the acting was.  I bet that the parents who were featured were actors and unrelated to the children presented.  It was funny, but the info was helpful and supposedly supported with research.

In hindsight, Miss C-Jaz was sitting on her potty at 19 months.  If I had to potty, she would sit on hers then ask for tissue to wipe her bum even though she never did her business.  One time, on Valentine's Day 2008, she sat on the potty, pooped, then stood up, but since it was stuck to her bum it plopped to the floor.  It was funny and gross!

While my loathing of public washrooms was a part of why I avoided potty training Miss C-Jaz, I also wanted to wait to start at Spring Break so I had a full week with her to establish a routine.  Then, I wanted to wait till the summer, but when J got the offer to relocate to Sweden, I wanted to wait till we made the move to avoid plane washrooms - which are even more gross than regular public washrooms.  See my internal dilemma?  Regardless of my issues, I understand now that when Miss C-Jaz is ready for the potty it will happen.

At 19 months, Miss C-Jaz showed #3 and #7 of the 'Signs of Readiness', but at 27 months up until now, she has shown 6 of 7 signs (all except #3).  I'd say she's ready for the potty (as long as she says so).  Last week, November 2nd, she was happy in her H&M underwear.  She had two accidents, but she also peed in the potty twice (got that on camera).  We didn't continue with the potty training, distracted by our fun with visitors from home, an example of inconsistency, but I have begun to formulate a new plan for potty training that will start after she finishes the last pack of diapers in about a week and a half.  This will give me a chance to find a basic potty seat, and we should be back to a regular routine.  While watching the DVD today, Miss C-Jaz pointed to a potty seat she saw and said, "Mommy, I want one."  So, once we get her a potty, we'll designate in both our washrooms her potty place with pictures and stickers - part of my new plan.  We'll commemorate the end of diapers once and for all (but maybe save a few for my peace of mind?).