Pronounced BAH-CHEW-CHEE, it was a nickname my sister called her first-ever niece, Miss C-Jaz. According to urbandictionary.dom, this term is used to express "an absolutely wonderful bum". And that she is, myBachoochie, my little bum cheeks.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Miss C-Jaz's First (Food) Discovery/Creation

I'm back and ready to write after last week's blockage: Miss C-Jaz was sick, then J and I got sick (still recovering), then I got 'Batman Syndrome' that was the most painful ever - maybe it was a pinched nerve.

This past weekend was another simple and great 'Home-Bound Weekend', especially with J home on Friday though it was because he was sick. I even cooked and J might just admit that it was 'mmm-mmm good': fried eggs with baked lamb sausages and piping hot rice, Aunt Jemima pancakes with syrup, (great sushi lunch from Tezukuri Sushi), baked wild salmon topped with light mayo and onion soup mix served with rice, and though not from scratch, last night's dinner was Swedish meatballs in mushroom soup sauce, baked potato gratin, and steamed rice.

It was a fun weekend filled with Miss C-Jaz's antics and discoveries. Sometimes she's my little shadow and sometimes she's a little copycat. Saturday we awoke from a family nap to her holding up her right hand telling us, "Don't move guys. I gonna get some-ting. Don't move okay? I be back." We're usually telling her the same thing when we want her to sit still on the couch or the bed or the kitchen table if we need to get something.

Miss C-Jaz always blows us away, especially with her phrases and actions that shows us what she learns or picks up from observations. For some time now she would point to things and to people asking, "Wha deese? Wha deese?" In other words, what's this? In trying to teach her how to use 'what' and 'who', I'd point to an object that she could name and ask her, "What's this?" Then, I'd point to her or myself and ask, "Who's this?" I guess after a few teachable moments, she just got it. She pointed to her Bo and asked me, "Mommy, who deese?" Then, she pointed to her book and asked, "Wha deese?" Then, she pointed to herself and asked, "Who deese?" It was so cute and so unbelievable, but not as amazing and amusing as her first food creation.

There's no avoiding Miss C-Jaz's love for 'Ka', a.k.a milk.   She also loves ice cream and sugar or waffle cones.  I recently found Swedish wafers at the COOP, which is great with jams or other toppings.  Yesterday, we were all snacking on wafers.  Miss C-Jaz had her Ka in one hand and a wafer in another.  While J ate his wafer he looked at me and said in code how the wafers would taste good with ice cream.  Just then, we looked over at Miss C-Jaz who took a bite of her wafer, looked at her milk, then took a sip.  Her eyes lit up, then she realized we were watching her and were quietly laughing.  She smiled, then turned around and continued to combine her wafer and milk.  I was only able to catch the end of her little experiment.  (The rule with her and a camera is that you only get the first chance to take her picture or record a video clip.)