Pronounced BAH-CHEW-CHEE, it was a nickname my sister called her first-ever niece, Miss C-Jaz. According to urbandictionary.dom, this term is used to express "an absolutely wonderful bum". And that she is, myBachoochie, my little bum cheeks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A C-Jaz question...

We 'skyped' Mita, Wowo, Nanag Nang, and Monkey earlier this morning. Of course Wowo asks if he could buy Nana chicken nuggets, so for lunch today we went to McDonalds on our way back from the Willy's grocery area (not like back-in-the-day Willy's all-you-can-eat).

I had to wake her, since she fell asleep as I strolled her to the Gallerian, so that she could nap again in the early afternoon (I'm pretty sure 5:17 pm is not considered early afternoon - I shall pay for this tonight!)

We were sitting, eating, Swede-watching, then she looks up towards the lights and the pipes and air conditioning looking things and says, "Mommy, what's in the sky?"